specialty coffee


Drip and Draft has a selection of coffee from different parts of the world. Each variety of beans has a grade of 80 and above; and is sorted manually by our team to remove all defective coffee beans. We ensure that our coffee is of the best quality to give you the smoothest cup. 

Enjoy what we have on our retail shelves and behind the bar because we aren't sure when we will have those beans again. We like to bring our customers new types of beans every month which means that if you like a certain variety, you may have to stock up. We brew our specialty coffee beans in two ways: espresso based, and filter or pour-over.

Espresso-based: Enjoy our Long Black, Flat White, or our mouthwatering  mocha. Each is served Hot or Iced.

Filter or Pour Over Coffee: We use methods such as the December Dripper by Kalita, V60 by Hario, and Aeropress. Take your pick and we will brew it for you behind our filter coffee bar.


Flat White